IMG_5414The Art Expressions Group program is a multicultural, expressive art-based support group for Madison’s clients. Using the mental health Recovery model principles, this program provides clients with meaningful opportunities to socialize, develop important life skills, build community and engage in a healing, creative process.
Madison thanks our partner, Eden Community Homes, for the use of their Van Duzer Art Studio

Art Expression Painting

Client Testimonial

“I suffer of a mood disorder therefore the art group is very important to me. While I’m painting, I can focus on the work and I don’t get distracted from the thoughts that are tormenting my life. I feel like a little girl and I am able to express myself through the paint, the colour and the ideas. Thanks to Madison for the help to me in my recovery process.”

“I suffer with post traumatic mood disorders. Art Expressions helps to focus on positive thoughts and put aside negative thoughts. Empowering me to think in a positive way and to allow me to recognize I can do whatever I want to achieve in life.”


Art Expression Group Photo

Celebration after successful Equitable Bank sponsored Madison Client Arts and Crafts Exhibition