Art Expressions Program

Madison’s Art Expressions program is a multicultural expressive art-based support group for our clients. The group meets weekly to explore and express themselves through peer led painting sessions and facilitated dialogue. Art Expressions works from within a recovery frame-work model to provide clients with meaningful opportunities to socialize, develop important life skills, build community and engage in a healing creative process.

Madison thanks Equitable Bank for its generous annual funding to the Art Expressions Program—without which this transformational program would not be possible.

*Due to COVID-19 this program has been paused.

Client Testimonials

I have been with Madison for 30 years as a resident and housing was my salvation. The Art Expressions Group is also my salvation and I am constantly surprised of other people’s good work here

I have joined the group four months ago and being here is like a meditation for me. It helps me to clear my mind and my soul. Being here inspires me to do more artistic works. 

Celebration after successful Equitable Bank sponsored Madison Client Arts and Crafts Exhibition