Social Recreation Program

Madison provides support for clients through social and recreational activities and is committed to maintaining and expanding this program as such activities play a large role in the recovery journey of our clients and is a key element in addressing the Social Determinants of Health. It provides our clients with opportunities to meet new people, socialize, develop a community of friends, learn new skills, and improve their overall life experience. This program is planned and organized by a social recreation committee made up of volunteer staff. Over the years, some of the events and outings have included the AGO, the ROM, Science Center, Centre Island, Niagara Falls, Annual Client Holiday Party and  the CNE. With the help of our donors, we have been able to hold an Annual Holiday Dinner party for our clients. The party is one of the most popular events and receives the most client attendance. The committee would like to thank all the clients and the staff who assist in making our numerous social recreation events possible.

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*Due to COVID-19 this program has been paused.

Client Testimonials

The social/recreational events offer a sense of community (and fun) when I feel isolated. I’ve especially enjoyed participating in the arts exhibition and open house. Madison remains a leader and innovator in delivering services to those with addictions and mental health challenges.

Social activities build emotional intelligence… the ability to get along with people and deal with conflict. People with mental health challenges are almost always isolated. We can’t afford to go to events. Madison’s group activities bring us together.