Mental Health Supportive Housing Program

Two integral pieces that are very important for people that suffer from mental health challenges is acquiring and successfully maintaining housing. Without stable housing, it is extremely difficult for an individual to accomplish any other goals. In 1977, Madison was the first agency to provide supportive housing to clients experiencing mental health challenges as well as homelessness. We now provide a total of 160 units to our client -residents. Madison operates seven homes which provide congregate living in a supportive housing setting to 46 client-residents. In addition, Madison has partnerships with Mainstay Housing, St. Clare’s Multifaith Housing, and private landlords which gives Madison the opportunity to offer bachelors and one-bedroom units to clients who require medium support and prefer to live independently.

Client Testimonials

I have lived in a Madison house for several years. Madison Community Services is compassionate, organized and active. Tenants, staff and board work together and solve problems.

I live in Madison housing. I get support and enjoy living with Madison Community Services. I can’t get any better than Madison Community Services.

Madison’s Craigleigh House in Rosedale