Here is what some of our clients have to say about Madison’s services, funds, programs and groups:

Toronto Central LHIN-Funded Case Management Services

“Madison and its caseworkers have seen me through some very difficult times. My caseworker helps me clarify and overcome my challenges, celebrates my victories and advocates on my behalf. The staff are unfailingly kind and helpful.”

“Workers are very friendly, kind and dedicated in helping us obtain our individual goals – and often go out of their way to encourage, support and help us achieve our goals.”

“My worker is always there to help me in any situation.”

Supportive Housing

“I have lived in a Madison house for several years. Madison Community Services is compassionate, organized and active. Tenants, staff and board work together and solve problems.”

“I live in Madison housing. I get support and enjoy living with Madison Community Services. I can’t get any better than Madison Community Services.”


“As a resident of Madison housing, I feel satisfied to know that this is a good fit. I know that I can always count on Madison and thank them for that”.

The RISE Program

“I would like to extend my gratitude to my case worker for helping me settle into Canada by developing some organizational skills and learning how to prioritize goals, in order to get them done!”

“I really appreciate the RISE program as it is not easy being a refugee in a foreign country (especially when you are in addition not doing well emotionally). The comfort and guidance my worker has provided me with has helped gain me the confidence I needed to manage some tasks in my life as well as to open myself up to new life experiences.”

Equitable Bank-Madison Client Education Bursary Fund

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for your helpful financial assistance. This financial assistance gave me the opportunity to have peace of mind and focus in my studies and as a result I was able to complete the course with an A+. I hope that after continuing my education successfully with your help I can also contribute my part to society.”

“I must thank the people who had first thought of the ‘Bursary Fund’ program at Madison Community Services. The ‘Bursary Fund’ is a wonderful thing for it allows people who face challenges within the mental health community and those who may not have the financial capabilities, to go back to school and gain the additional knowledge to re-enter the workplace.”

“I am looking forward to and I’m excited about my future, which I have not felt in many years.”

CAMH-LPM-Madison High Support Housing Collaboration

“Staff help with just about anything, whatever you need. For example, learning to cook; using the internet; or learning phone numbers of nurses, doctors and case managers.”

“The community room is the best part. It’s nice to come down and talk to people, and use the computers.”

“This is my third housing with CAMH. This one is the best. It’s better than the others.”

Hispanic Services Group

“The Spanish-speaking group is very important for me, I generally feel lonely since I do not have family and I deal with severe depression. When I attend the group I feel that I have company, feel free to talk and share my experiences in dealing with this illness in my own language.”


“ First it was difficult because I did not trust people, but I was met with open arms and a smile from Madison staff and people that attends the Spanish Group. Since I participated in all the groups and activities that Madison offered us as clients, now I’m a different person. Even my kids say “thanks to Madison we got our mom back” Madison, I love you”

Art Expressions Group Program

“I suffer of a mood disorder therefore the art group is very important to me. While I’m painting, I can focus on the work and I don’t get distracted from the thoughts that are tormenting my life. I feel like a little girl and I am able to express myself through the paint, the colour and the ideas. Thanks to Madison for the help to me in my recovery process.”

“I suffer with post traumatic mood disorders. Art Expressions helps to focus on positive thoughts and put aside negative thoughts. Empowering me to think in a
positive way and to allow me to recognize I can do whatever I want to achieve in life.”

Social/Recreation Program

“The social events and recreational activities offer a sense of community (and fun) when I feel isolated. I’ve especially enjoyed participating in the arts exhibition and open house. Madison remains a leader and innovator in delivering services to those with addictions and mental health challenges.”


“The jewelry group has provided me with a new activity in my life and has helped me with developing new skills. I’m happy that it gives me a chance to make something for myself.”

Women’s Solution Focus-Dance Group

“I’m so grateful that Madison gives us the opportunity to have a place where we can have fun, meet new people, a good refreshment and even dance.”

“I enjoy dance class because it causes me to have positive feelings and happiness.”