In collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and LPM (a private landlord), 20 subsidized bachelor apartments are available to CAMH clients who are making the transition from hospital to independent living. With the support of LPM, Madison has established a community centre in the clients’ apartment building. The community centre provides a wide range of programs, such as a daily lunch program and cooking lessons; computer lessons; yoga and exercise programs; nutrition advice; budgeting and personal finance management.

Client Testimonials

“Staff help with just about anything, whatever you need. For example, learning to cook; using the internet; or learning phone numbers of nurses, doctors and case managers .”

“The community room is the best part. It’s nice to come down and talk to people, and use the computers.”

“This is my third housing with CAMH. This one is the best. It’s better than the others.”