Recovery during Immigration and Settlement (RISE)

In partnership with and funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plus funding from the United Way Toronto and York Region (to support refugee claimants), Madison has developed and expanded its Recovery during Immigration and Settlement (RISE) program significantly since it started in 2011. Many RISE clients come from war-torn countries where they have experienced trauma and often persecution. RISE provides a range of community-based, holistic services to address both mental health and settlement challenges for newcomers and refugees, such as one-on- one case management, group orientation sessions, (orientation to the Canadian health care system, housing, social assistance and employment support services) and social activities such as field trips to various Toronto landmarks and cultural attractions. RISE works in partnership with and receives referrals from COSTI Immigrant Services, The Neighbourhood Organization, Working Women Community Centre, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture and Agincourt Community Services Association (ACSA) amongst others. 

Madison’s RISE program is designed to support a positive settlement experience that promotes independence, health, recovery and a sense of belonging in Canada. Both the clients and the staff members of the RISE program come from diverse backgrounds and have immigration experiences. Madison staff members offer services in English, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Pashto, and Dari.

The RISE program supports newcomers living in Toronto who are experiencing substantial stress during their settlement process. This may present as depression, anxiety, restlessness, changes in behaviour and a lack of hope for the future.

Madison encourages persons facing barriers within the mental health system to access our services. If you are interested in our case management services, please fill out the following application and fax to 416-977-1024 or email to [email protected]




Client Testimonials

The RISE program from Madison Community Services is very helpful and beneficial. I am able to discuss my needs and goals with my worker who helps me make the best and informed decision about my family’s lives in Canada. They help us to find answers for our questions as newcomers. We wish them all the best and thank you so much.

Madison Community Services – RISE program has helped me in many different aspects of my life. My main issue was housing, as my landlord was attempting to evict me illegally. My housing instability and the stress that came with it affected my mental health as well my emotional wellbeing negatively. My United Way funded Madison-RISE Case Manager helped me by accompanying me to the landlord and tenant board court hearing, providing me with emotional support, translation and interpretation services. My Case Manager has gone above and beyond her call of duty to advocate on my behalf as well keep me informed of my rights in Canada. Presently, I have won my LTB court case and I have moved into a new home. I have obtained new housing and have a better understanding of my rights in Canada. I am very grateful to Madison and my Case Manager. I have no words to express how empowered and hopeful I feel about my future.