CAMH- Madison On-Site High Support Housing Program

In partnership with CAMH this program offers 20 subsidized bachelor apartments to CAMH ALC in-patients and provides on-site supports to the program’s clients in making a successful transition from hospital to independent living.

The Program includes: a community center which offers computers, TV; music and 3 meals/day with clients assisting in meal preparation and clean-up.  Clients have the opportunity to use the community room to be part of peer support groups, use the computers, play video games and socialize. We also provide the client-tenants with support in developing activities of daily living skills in areas such as meal preparation, cleaning their apartment, doing laundry, budgeting, banking, grocery/personal supplies shopping etc.

In addition, support is provided in areas such as computer skills training, helping clients seek employment, education and or volunteer opportunities. Madison’s on-site Engagement and Support Workers work collaboratively with CAMH Case Managers, outside resources, and with other agencies to ensure that the client’s needs are being met. We also provide supportive counseling, life skills training such as food/meal preparation, teach self advocacy skills, and advocate on clients’ behalf to ensure stability in housing.

Madison Community Services does not directly accept referrals for this Program. CAMH makes the referrals for its in-patient care clients directly to the CAMH- Madison High Support Housing Program.

Client Testimonials

Staff help with just about anything, whatever you need. For example, learning to cook; using the internet; or learning phone numbers of nurses, doctors and case managers .

I have been a client of Madison Community Services since 2012 in the CAMH-Madison On Site High Support Housing Program. Being part of this program not only helps me with my mental health, but also teaches me important life skills to maintain my housing and to budget my finances. With the support and encouragement of Madison staff I was able to achieve my lifelong dream of publishing a book of my poetry called “When I was Touched by Love”, which is now available for purchase on Amazon. Not only do the staff provide support, they also make delicious meals. I would really like to thank Madison Community Services, especially a huge thank you to Lindsay and Valentina, for always believing in me and supporting me, words cannot thank you enough!

The community room is the best part. It’s nice to come down and talk to people, and use the computers.

This is my third housing with CAMH. This one is the best. It’s better than the others.